Hi Oscar,

On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 03:41:39PM +0000, Oscar wrote:
> Hi Alex, thanks for your answer its like you wrote and it does allocate
> normally now!

Glad to hear!

> I  have another question, before I also tried to use the glutBitmapCharacter
> function in which one passes a void* with the font, so I did like in the
> opengl.l file and added a def with the font hex as listed in freeglut_std.h
> but when called it says that the font wasn't found.
> Maybe this is a problem in what am feeding to the function, 
> do void* have to be specified different?

No, void* should also be just a number. The 'native' function doesn't
care anyway to what kind of data a pointer points.

> The glutBitmapCharacter used I read was on china-gl.l by Jon Kleiser, 
> but that was for the 32bit version of pico and it used glue code
> to specify the void pointer.

In Jon's "china64/openGl.l" I find

   (de glutBitmapCharacter (Font Character)
      (native `*GlutLib "glutBitmapCharacter" NIL Font Character) )

BTW, Jon + Oscar:

I've lost overview a little bit. But it seems that both of you added
some useful functions to @lib/openGl.l

Perhaps it makes sense if we add them to the PicoLisp release? If so,
can one of you send me all relevant additions?

♪♫ Alex
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