I really like what you are doing with the PicoLisp CPU and OS, and I
would love to do my part, so I added a picolisp job board to my website.


If you register, on the second page you can also give your skills under
Electrical Engineering->Digital Design->...

I am happy to add in other Lisp Dialects if people are interested. 

And of course, on PrivaCV.com, you control who has access to your
professional information,
and you can link to your resume or blog.

I do not really think that there are any PicoLisp jobs out there.  I
could be wrong, but I think that the people who are involved with
PicoLisp are very smart people, and so I would love to have you on my
job boards.

And with a little luck, the guys who wrote the PicoLisp CPU, will
someday make a python CPU for me.



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