Hi Manuel,

> I'm trying to create a function to define functions with a documentation
> string like emacs "defun". I'm trying something like this:
> (de defun P
>     (def (car P) ...
> So the car of P is de function name, but it doesn't works as expected.

You may try this:

   (de defun P
      (put (car P) 'doc (caddr P))
      (def (car P) (cons (cadr P) (cdddr P))) )

   : (defun thefunc (A B C)
      "This is the help text"
      (* A B C) )
   -> thefunc

   : (pp 'thefunc)
   (de thefunc (A B C)
      (* A B C) )
   -> thefunc

   : (get 'thefunc 'doc)
   -> "This is the help text"

♪♫ Alex
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