Hi Erik + Andreas,

first of all, thanks Erik for the nice "Unnest" article!

> > what's the canonical way to customize the default 'pil' environment?
> > I'd like to have some of my own utilities and other goodies loaded when I 
> > start up.
> > Can I just stick the necessary calls to (load) in .pilrc? :)
> I'm not aware of any .pilrc mechanics, search in mailing list also
> yields nothing, though such a mechanic might exist. I don't think this
> is the case.

In fact, there is a function 'pil' for that. It can be used to access
files in ".pil/" in the user's home directory.

So you might create a file ~/.pil/rc, and then load it upon startup with

   (load (pil "rc"))

Also, note the 'rc' function, the "poor man's database". It allows you
to conveniently maintain config values in a file:

   : (rc (pil "rc") 'a 1)  # The file ~/.pil/rc is automatically created
   -> 1

   : (rc (pil "rc") 'b 2)
   -> 2

   : (rc (pil "rc") 'a)
   -> 1

   : (in (pil "rc") (echo))
   ((b . 2) (a . 1))

♪♫ Alex
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