Hi Mike

I guess you didn't meant to ask how to deliver static files, but how to create 

I'm not aware of any static site generator implemented in picolisp.
But I think this could be easily achieved with @lib/xhtml.l, just redirect 
output to a file instead of a http client.

Like (out "static.html" (<h1> NIL "My Title"))

Maybe you would need to reimplement (<html>) and a few other pieces, but that 
should be easy.
You could also customize the wiki, to have an web-editor but saving the output 
to a file. Or use the standard webapp with TinyMCE as Webeditor and customize 
to save result to filesystem.

- beneroth

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Hi Mike,

> any static site generators written on picolisp?

Yes, just give '*html' (or '*.l') files:

   pil @lib/http.l @lib/xhtml.l --server 8080 index.html -wait

♪♫ Alex
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