Oh, I have more questions, but first I should clarify something I just noticed.

in the docs I have with my source which is 3.1.11 I have the definition of "if" 

(if  'any1  'any2  .  prg)  ->  any

but on the web reference link (http://software-lab.de/doc/refI.html#if) it's

(if  'any1  any2  .  prg)  ->  any

note the difference in quoting for any2. Which is correct?


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Hey Jonathan,

Great questions!

What is the significance of "any1" being quoted and "any2" not being quoted?

 Quoted arguments, in the context of the Function Reference, mean that the 
argument is evaluated by the function. So (if) evaluates its first argument, 
any1, whereas the second argument, any2, is passed in unevaluated=

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