Hi all,

PicoLisp is now running on PowerPC-64 (again)!

I implemented the generic assembler for that architecture already back
in 2011, but - due to lack of hardware - could not maintain it. I tried
many time to install Debian for PowerPC on Qemu, but without success.

Now I saw that Debian supports the 'ppc64el' architecture


which is a true 64-bit OS (as opposed to the 32-bit version that was
solely supported until now). So I gave it a new try. "el" means "little
endian" btw, so I had to rewrite the ABI in some critical places. And it
runs on Qemu!

The port is included in the current picoLisp.tgz release.

If you want to try it, and have real Ppc64 hardware, skipt to (2), else

1. Install Debian on Qemu (be prepared that this takes several hours)

   $ sudo apt-get install qemu
   $ wget 
   $ qemu-img create  -f qcow  ppc64.img  3G
   $ qemu-system-ppc64  -m 1024  -ctrl-grab  -hda ppc64.img  -cdrom ${ISO}  
-boot d
      During the Debian installation, select only the base system, then
         $ sudo apt-get install make gcc

2. Get PicoLisp

   $ wget software-lab.de/picoLisp.tgz
   $ tar xfz picoLisp.tgz
   $ cd picoLisp
   $ wget software-lab.de/ppc64.linux.tgz
   $ tar xfz ppc64.linux.tgz
   $ (cd src64; make)

3. Test (note that the unit test invocation is simplified with 3.1.12)

   $ ./pil @lib/test.l -bye +

Good luck! :)
♪♫ Alex
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