Hi Frantisek

There is no official picolisp repo, the only officially maintained and updated 
source for picolisp is http://software-lab.de/picoLisp.tgz

So feel free to put a copy of it in your personal github repository, or link 
from someone else who has a copy on github.
I'd guess multiple picolisp devs have made themselves a picolisp repo on github 
or bitbucket.

In the past picolisp source was maintained on google code, but with the closing 
of it this was stopped.
There was some discussion, but different people have different favourites 
(github, bitbucket, and more exotic ones) and the effort to maintain those got 
judged as unnecessary.
Because there isn't a high number of issues nor code changes proposed by people 
beside Alexander Burger himself, the additional benefit of pull-request and 
"social coding" offered by those services are currently not needed for the 
development of picolisp core.

Best regards

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Are current Picolisp sources officially available at GitHub?

If not, can I put them there? I like how GitHub allows me to browse and
study sources from anywhere...

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