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> Hi FrantisekThere is no official picolisp repo, the only officially
> maintained and updated source for picolisp is
> feel free to put a copy of it in
> your personal github repository, or link from someone else who has a copy
> on github.I'd guess multiple picolisp devs have made themselves a picolisp
> repo on github or bitbucket.In the past picolisp source was maintained on
> google code, but with the closing of it this was stoppedThere was some
> discussion, but different people have different favourites (github,
> bitbucket, and more exotic ones) and the effort to maintain those got
> judged as unnecessary.Because there isn't a high number of issues nor code
> changes proposed by people beside Alexander Burger himself, the additional
> benefit of pull-request and "social coding" offered by those services are
> currently not needed for the development of picolisp core.Best
> regardsbeneroth----- Original Message -----From: František Fuka [mailto:
>]To: picolisp@software-lab.deSent: Mon, 19 Oct 2015
> 13:59:39 +0200Subject: Picolisp on GitHub?Are current Picolisp sources
> officially available at GitHub?If not, can I put them there? I like how
> GitHub allows me to browse andstudy sources from anywhere...-- *--
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