Sorry for late responce.

I've looked into fresh sources of Lighttpd, seems that patch hasn't been merged into http_auth.c at all.

As for your question about licenses, I think you can do anything with all code in my library with no restriction. I'm too lazy to deal with writing licenses, I haven't seen any license in that patch too

Best regards,
Mansur Mamkin

26.10.2015 16:20, Alexander Williams пишет:
This is really great, thanks!

Although I'm personally not a fan of including C deps which are detached
from upstream. Is there an alternative to using the supplied C code? Has
the patch been merged into /mod_auth_kerb/? If yes, could I just use
that shared lib instead?


On Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 12:03 PM, Mansur Mamkin <
<>> wrote:

    Hi all,

    I've uploaded updated Kerberos authentication library to the Wiki.
    This library helps you to add SSO (Single Sign On) to your PicoLisp
    applications in Windows AD domain. That means your domain users
    don't need to enter login and password in the applications.
    Current version makes things slightly simpler,
    just several steps:
    * Set up kerberos environment
    * define 'krblogin' function similar to standard 'login' function
    * (load "kerbauth/kerbauth.l")
    * (krbinit "/path/myhost.keytab"
    * add HTML link to "!krbneg" URL

    See README for detailed instructions



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