Hi all,

PicoLisp is running now on Android, directly installable in Termux!

Termux is a great terminal emulator and Linux environment, see


I'm using it exclusively on my tablet to run bash, vim, ssh - and now
also PicoLisp. Termux comes with an 'apt' package manager which allows
commands like

   $ apt update
   $ apt install vim
   $ apt install picolisp  # Gives pil32

Since yesterday, even pil64 is supported (on ARMv8 devices), though not
yet via the package manager. Instead, you can do directly:

   $ wget http://termux.com/picolisp-15.11_aarch64.deb
   $ dpkg --add-architecture aarch64
   $ dpkg -i picolisp-15.11_aarch64.deb

But pil32 also runs correctly on 64-bit hardware out of the box.

Before I found Termux, I planned to write a full-blown Android app to
get a frontend for the REPL. That's not necessary any longer :)

♪♫ Alex
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