Hi Vidyuth Kini,

Re. comparable sites: IMO the Ruby page is the best design of the ones you 
mention. To me, the Racket page seems cluttered.


> On 14. Dec, 2015, at 09:31, Vidyuth Kini <vuk...@lmedubai.ae> wrote:
> Hi Erik,
> Great work on the site. I definitely like the new logo. here are my comments:
> 1. Logo is nice, it could be spruced up, like the racket lang logo with 
> shadows etc....
> 2. Too much real estate is lost on the first half on the page, if you look at 
> a comparable site, 
> http://racket-lang.org/
> you can see that the logo, title, byline and navigation are all stuck at the 
> top, giving more room for explanatory wordings on the page. 
> I am not sure what you think of that but it is an idea. 
> I think ruby ( https://www.ruby-lang.org/en/ ) does a good job of this too. 
> so does rust ( https://www.rust-lang.org/ ) 
> & Elixir ( http://elixir-lang.org/ )

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