Anyone have any experience with org mode babel for picolisp? I've
supposedly got it set up (followed these
but when I try to run this code

#+name: picolisp_ex1
#+begin_src picolisp
(de hello-one-arg2 (x)
   (prinl "Hello World again" x))

I get

org-babel-execute:picolisp: End of file during parsing. Then trying this

#+name: picolisp_ex1_test
#+begin_src picolisp
(hello-one-arg2 "me")

my *Messages* shows this

executing Picolisp code block (picolisp_ex1_test)...
executing Picolisp source code block
Wrote /tmp/babel-1871202D/ob-input-18712qhq
Babel evaluation exited with code 1

and the *Org-Babel Error Output* says

[/tmp/babel-1871202D/picolisp-script-18712dXk:1] !? (hello-one-arg2 "me")
hello-one-arg2 -- Undefined

This is with a picolisp REPL running or not. Again, picolisp is running
fine from the command line and from Emacs picolisp-mode (I've got the
latest ELPA version). I don't absolutely need org mode to proceed, but it
would be nice to clear this up maybe.


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