I had an old Mac mini that I had given up as an OSX machine, as it had only 1 
GB RAM, and it was too difficult (or impossible?) to install more RAM on it. 
Then I got the idea that maybe that Mac could be made into a Linux machine. I 
had to try several DVDs and CDs, and a USB stick, before I finally had a DVD 
that worked on this old Mac. So here I am, running 32-bit Ubuntu 14.04. It 
works really fine. ;-)

One of the first things I installed was PicoLisp, of course. I simply did the

sudo apt-get install picolisp

What I got was C, 32-bit PicoLisp. I was slightly disappointed. Then 
today I downloaded the current .tgz from 
software-lab.de<http://software-lab.de>. I tried the

(cd src64; make), and to my delight, I now got 64-bit 16.1.16 working! That old 
Mac now has a great future.


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