Hi Jon,

> A very nice piece of lisp code! The only part I didn’t like very much,
> was the yellow color. As usual, I had to tweek the CSS. Here is my
> variant:

Very good! Many thanks! I have gladly inserted your changes into

> As I noticed that the clickable lines in the <menu> had tooltips
> (title), I got tempted to check if they were depending on the
> Accept-Language value (no,en-US;q=0.7,en;q=0.3) in my (Firefox)
> requests, but I didn’t see any Norwegian tooltips. Are there other
> PicoLisp demo apps where the displayed texts (or tooltips) are according
> to the Accept-Language value in the request header? I’m just curious.
> ;-)

Currently the Accept-Language header is not observed, and instead the
language is set explicitly. As you know, inserting (locale "NO" "no") at
the beginning of the 'tractatus' function would do that (but then it
should better be user-controllable as e.g. in the demo "app/gui.l").

♪♫ Alex
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