I have picolisp running on my linux dual-boot machine, and I have compiled
picolisp on Cygwin on my Windows 10 box. The Cygwin version chokes on
certain things, such as (load "@lib/math.l") produces:

[lib/math.l:4] !? (scl 6)
scl -- Undefined

I changed math.l by commenting out as follows:

# (and (=0 *Scl) (scl 6))

and putting in:

(setq *Scl 6)

Now when I run (load "@lib/math.l"), I simply get "atan" in the response,
but Scl seems to have set.

The constants in math64.l of "pi" and "pi/2" do not show as taken in the
REPL after loading math.l or math64.l.

Any tips here? Has anybody compiled picolisp for windows with MSYS2?

Also, any pointers on doing floating point math or math in general. I read
the docs about *Scl and format, round, but how do I get proper floating
point appearing output in my programs without having to manually change
format and know in advance the magnitude of my math operators' results?


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