Thanks for clearing all of that up. The INSTALL instructions seem to
indicate that you just do the (cd src64 ; make) in a 64-bit system. I
thought the 32-bit src may not build correctly for the 64-bit systems. In
addition, I believe it says you need to do a (cd src ; make all) on the
website, if you are building the 32-bit version and you want the extras.
That is not in the INSTALL file either I believe.

Yes, I was workng with a local file, so I'll try the server restart (duh!).


On 15 April 2016 at 20:05, Alexander Burger <> wrote:

> Hi Rob,
> > I have built picoLisp 64-bit from source per the instructions, but there
> is
> > no HttpGate in the bin directory. I see there is one in the 32-bit src
> > directory. Does 64-bit handle it internally in its library?
> It is easy to build. I suppose you did
>    $ (cd src64; make)
> so just do an additional
>    $ (cd src; make tools gate)
> to build the rest (without pil32).
> > How can you update a file and do a browser refresh to see the changes? I
> We must distinguish between files which are loaded upon server start-up
> and those which are loaded dynamically.
> In a normal app, almost all files are loaded dynamically, so it is
> sufficient to press the browser's reload button after they were
> modified. The simple example is probably a stand-alone file, so here
> the server must be restarted.
> ♪♫ Alex
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