Hello list,

I'm trying to create a registration form styled with pure.css but all the
fields are disabled for some reason.  Code snippets:

(class +Person +Entity)
(rel id (+Need +Key +Number))          # Unique ID.
(rel name (+Need +Sn +Idx +String))    # Name
(rel email (+String))                  # Email

[de person-reg ()
     (html 0 "PicoLisp rules" *Css NIL
        (<ping> 60)
           (<div> "content-wrapper"
              (<div> 'content
                 (<div> 'pure-g
                    (<div> "l-box-lrg pure-u-3-5 pure-u-md-2-5 pure-u-sm-1"
                       #(get (default *ID (val *DB)) 'name)
                       (form NIL
                          (gui '(+E/R +TextField) '(name : home obj) 40
                          (gui '(+E/R +TextField) '(email : home obj) 40
                          (newButton T Dst '(+Person) 'name *Name 'email
*Email) ]

### GUI ##
[de top-nav ()
  (<div> "header"
     (<div> "home-menu pure-menu pure-menu-horizontal pure-menu-fixed"
        (<tag> 'a
               '((href . "!homepage") (class . "pure-menu-heading"))
        (<ul> "pure-menu-list"
           (<li> "pure-menu-item pure-menu-selected"
              (<tag> 'a
                  '((href . "!homepage") (class . "pure-menu-link"))
                  "Home") )
           (<li> "pure-menu-item"
              (<tag> 'a
                  '((href . "#") (class . "pure-menu-link"))
                  "About") )
           (<li> "pure-menu-item"
              (<tag> 'a
                  '((href . "#") (class . "pure-menu-link"))
                  "Contact") )
           (<li> "pure-menu-item"
              (<tag> 'a
                  '((href . "#") (class . "pure-menu-link"))
                  "Privacy & Security"]

[de footer ()
  (<div> "footer l-box is-center" Word to our footer!) ]

In the docs I see that gui is a front-end to new in a get request.  What if
I don't have anyone in the database yet?  How can I create a form which
will take basic info via gui and connect it to the db?  I know I'm missing
something really basic here, please point me in the right direction.  Thank
you all.

-David Bloom

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