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> Hi List,
> I just discovered a nice article by Joe Bogner about FLINUX as an
> alternative was to run PicoLisp under Windows (http://picolisp.com/wiki/?
> flinuxpicolisp).
Hi Thorsten, glad you found it.

> I tried it out, and succeded to a certain point but not further.
> When installing necessary tools like wget, make etc. I often hit the
> "could not change the root directory (No such file or directory)" error,
> but it appeared after the last installation step, and after an C-c
> installation appeared successful.
I had the same experience. I think it was a side effect of how bash runs
within it and didn't affect the pil32 execution as far as I remember.

> But when trying to compile the 64bit version, Java is missing, and when I
> try to install it, I get the above error in the middle of the installation
> process that thus cannot finish.
Unfortunately, I don't think you'll be able to compile or run the 64bit
version. I was unable to compile a x64 version of flinux and it seems like
it is not implemented. For example,
does not have an x64 version and the assembly for x86_trampoline does not
compile under visual c++ x64.

This is the main motivation for working on the native x64 version of
PicoLisp using midipix as the linux syscall interop layer.  Thanks for the
mention Rick!

The x64 version is still in a draft status, most of the changes are here:
to support the different ABI calling convention. It relies on midipix which
is still in alpha and hasn't yet been released which is why I haven't
actively promoted it. There's a few workarounds still in the code too, for
example dlopen isn't yet implemented in midipix so ht ext: code needs to be
compiled into the picolisp binary,

The current x64 windows binary release can be found under Releases in the
github repo linked above,

There is some info about this
> (https://github.com/wishstudio/flinux/issues/63), but I could not really
> find a solution. Did somebody on the list succeed with the Flinux install
> of the 64bit version on Windows?
> Any hints would be welcome.
> Cheers
> Thorsten
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