I wrote up a few notes after working with the picolisp win-x86-x64 port


I figured others may be interested. Feel free to reply here with any
comments. It's good to be working with pil again after a few years.

My work today was using the win-x86-64 port to run a load test against a c#
app. This load test ran with 50 works on my windows PC.

Here's a gist of the load test:

It works great to simulate web traffic and capture the response time. Much
easier than figuring out the latest and greatest stress test tool and
learning how to program it.

I needed to simulate a user from a random preconfigured list of users. Then
make a request to get the person's list of customers. Then pick a random
customer to get a list of that person's products. Then pick a product to
view the details for that customer/product.


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