On Sun, 04 Sep 2016 10:48 +0500, Mansur Mamkin wrote:
> Hi all,

Hi Mansur!

> I've cloned tankfeeder's repository at Bitbucket and installed small
> pil-application that checks http://software-lab.de/picoLisp.tgz for
> changes and commits to the repo.  Repository address is
> https://bitbucket.org/mmamkin/picolisp I plan to maintain it while I
> have VPS :).

Ah, very cool!  I like being able to view the diffs for each version
(from the one previous to it) in a convenient way and with nice
formatting like this.  (So, thanks also to tankfeeder whom I understand
started this.)

Also having a script which checks periodically the "source" and
automatically creates a commit for any changes is "icing on the cake". 
Nice hack!  :)

> Also we could install there some auto building scripts to provide
> fresh deb-package. I would appreciate any ideas and help

That sounds cool too.  I wish I could help.  I don't use Debian (or
derivatives).  I hope someone is willing to help because it was a shame
how Alex asked for an update to the picolisp package in Ubuntu and was
getting "crickets".  :(  Better if we have something like your idea here
in play.

> Source code is listed below. Comments are welcome

I love this script, man.  I like the "and chain" in the driver --
reminds me of `A && B && C` in shell.  I like how you got it (curl) to
check for changes and only if there are, download.  And overall it's
simple and easy to read.  I would want you to be hired on my team
because this is the kind of code that I would not mind at all to

Best, --Rick
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