Hi Chri,

This is how you build ersatz/picolisp.jar, and at the same time get the 
complete PicoLisp.java source:
cd into the ersatz/, the do "pil mkJar +".

I have implemented (partly) a few more functions lately (format, intern, lit, 
unless, when), but I haven't released anything new yet. I may find time to look 
at 'filter'.

Have you had any luck with Clojure(Script)?

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Hi PicoLispers,

My question:
Is there any documentation about the building of the Ersatz jar ?
I guess all the keys are in the mkJar file but I'm lost reading it.

I'm mostly using a JavaScript version of PicoLisp: EmuLisp and
since Jon Kleiser has not much time to extend it further, I have
to try to extend it on my own (this is not a rant! Jon has been
very very helpful!).
If I understood the process correctly, Jon took inspiration from
the source code of Ersatz to structure EmuLisp, but this source
is still cryptic to me.

My current task is to implement 'filter.
This is it's Ersatz implementation:
I tried to mimic 'mapcar
and adapt the mapcar found in EmuLisp:
but there are too many things that I don't understand.

Can anyone help me ?

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