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> Hi Chri,

Hi Jon,

> This is how you build ersatz/picolisp.jar, and at the same time get the 
> complete PicoLisp.java source:
> cd into the ersatz/, the do "pil mkJar +".

Things I already knew:
1) I knew the purpose and how to use mkJar but my question was more like:
in the end, what magic is behind it, like what is the role of «ex»…
2) I knew that it produced then compiled a .java file.

Things I learnt reading your answer:
Reading the .java file could help me more than the .src files !

> I have implemented (partly) a few more functions lately (format, intern, lit, 
> unless, when), but I haven't released anything new yet. I may find time to 
> look at 'filter'.

Great. Looking forward to it!

> Have you had any luck with Clojure(Script)?

Yes and no.
Yes since I managed to begin to implement my language with it,
with a really new vision. Clojure gave me some more ideas.
No since it's like I started one more project and time is limited.
Also, Clojure uses / as a namespace separator so I cannot
create a =/ function (which would translate to <>).
All in all, F-expr allows us to do miracles. Clojure can't compete
on this field. Macros are tougher.
But it has namespaces, that EmuLisp has not (PicoLisp has them).

Happy coding.

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