Hi Henrik

Nice to read something from you, also the other emails, I'm looking forward to 
check out your new code!

I immediately get SEGFAULT when calling your atst. Running pil64 on Linux 64bit 
On which OS are you?

I guess this is the unforgiving punishment for calling (arg) without calling 
(next) previously, consider the reference:
"If cnt is not given, the value that was returned from the last call to next" 
-> no previous call to next -> invalid usage -> punishment

The following works for me:

(de atst @
   (println (arg)) )

arg seems to be a special purpose function.

if you just want to have the whole list of arguments, use (rest) instead:

: (de atst @
   (println (rest) ) )
-> atst
: (atst 1 2 3)
(1 2 3)
-> (1 2 3)


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Subject: The behaviour of arg

Hi Alex and list.

If I do like this:

(de atst @
   (println (arg)) )
(atst 1 2 3)

I never reach (bye) and I can't even abort with ctrl-c or d (had to
kill -9), is there a reason for this unforgiving punishment of arg
abuse or did I find some minor bug?
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