On Tue, Nov 22, 2016 at 09:22:14PM +0100, Alexander Burger wrote:
> > "The CDR of a symbol cell is also called VAL, and the CAR points to the
> > symbol's tail. "
>  ...
> Yes, but note that this talks about the symbol's *cell*, i.e. the
> internal representation as described in doc64/structures.
> ...
> On the language level, a symbol only has a value, properties and a name.
> No CDR :)

Perhaps it helps to see it this way:

1. CAR and CDR (in upper case) are the two halves of a cell

      | CAR | CDR |

   no matter whether this cell represents a number, a symbol or a list.

2. 'car' and 'cdr' (in lower case) are the functions to access the
   elements of pairs and lists.

♪♫ Alex
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