The following program shows me trying to extract a function name from a
"string" and execute the function using the string.
The function is called some_fn.
If I type (some_fn) directly...all is well.
When I first executed (Fn) that I THOUGHT held the function
didn't so I dropped into the REPL and played until I got (some_fn) returned
i.e. by (str (glue "" Fn)) i.e. -> (some_fn)
I thought putting this in my program would call some_fn but it doesn't and
I don't understand why.
Thank you in anticipation

(setq Lmnu

(de some_fn ()
   (prinl "yes in some_fn"))

(de lmnu_to_mnu_tbl (Lmnu Lkey)
   (for Ele Lmnu
            ifn (car Ele)
               (setq Optn_fn_pair (split (chop Ele) '-))
               (setq Optn (get Optn_fn_pair 1))
               (setq Fn (get Optn_fn_pair 2))

               (some_fn) #this worked fine

#: (Fn)         #this didn't 'cos Fn contained "s" "o" "m".....
#-> "n"
#: (glue "" Fn)
#-> "some_fn"
#: (str (glue "" Fn))   #this looked to evaluate to (some_fn) which worked
#-> (some_fn)

               #(str (glue "" Fn)) #but executing it didn't call some_fn
               #((str (glue "" Fn))) #nor did evaluating what got returned
               # (printsp Ele 'is 'a 'list)
               # (prinl)

(debug 'lmnu_to_mnu_tbl)
(lmnu_to_mnu_tbl Lmnu ())

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