Putting all doc/ref*.html files into single file is almost the solution.
The result is a single file function reference readable on Kindle etc (with
working hyperlinks). I am not sure it tutorial & other docs should be in
the same file, my main problem was with ref* files being split. But it's
not hard to concatenate them.

On Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 3:41 PM, Alexander Burger <a...@software-lab.de>

> On Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 03:11:09PM +0100, Joh-Tob Schäg wrote:
> > There is not. I talked about he same thing with Regenaxer the day before
> > yesterday.
> You had asked for something different, putting all doc/ref*.html files
> into a single one.
> - Alex
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