What is the purpose of the symbol V? Is seems like dead code to me. Please
check your code for correctness before asking question. The first line does
not make any sense for another reason.

If you want to have a the list (a (("String"))) use:
(setq L (append L '((("String")))))

I assume you wanted to have the value of V in there instead of a constant
"String". Have a look at 'fill in this case.

2016-12-22 21:09 GMT+01:00 dean <deangwillia...@gmail.com>:

> What is the right way to do this...
> (setq V "some_str")
> (setq L '(a))
> (setq L (append L ???))
> --> (  a   ((some_str))    )
> i.e. I can do '((some_str))
> but wonder if there's an easy way to use '(()) AND have an evaluated value
> in the middle
> i.e. quote makes specifying any level of parens easy but doesn't let my
> use an evaluated value in the middle.
> Sorry if this is a dumb question

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