Hi, Lispers!

Playing with Pico, found strange bug.
I want to do some graphics/game stuff with picolisp.
So, i trying run glut:

    $ pil +
    : (native "libglut.so" "glutInit" NIL '(X (0 . 'I)) "")
    Segmentation fault (core dumped)


But, if i firstly request non existent function all works,

    $ pil +
    : (native "libglut.so" "BOOM!" NIL)                    
    !? (native "libglut.so" "BOOM!" NIL)
    [DLL] /usr/lib/libglut.so: undefined symbol: BOOM!
    ? (native "libglut.so" "glutInit" NIL '(X (0 . 'I)) "")
    -> NIL
    ? (native "libglut.so" "glutCreateWindow" 'I "Seems good")
    -> 1

Its looks weird...

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