Hi Alex and thanks for the speedy reply.

> Yes, this is the common problem. I tried to explain it in the article,
> perhaps
> it got a bit too short:
> Oops, I was trying to avoid the common problem.  Not your directions so
much as my misunderstanding of C perhaps, see below.  Following your
directions I backed up the existing libncurses.so and made the 6.0 version
appropriate files installed by pacman and it worked on the first try.
Thank you for the help and for all of the code.

>    It seems that other Linux distributions need similar actions. Good luck!
> So it is important that you set the symbolic link!
> (For some reasons, the default "libncurses.so" is NOT a shared object
> library
> which can be called from C programs, but a text file with some kind of
> pointer
> or link in it)
> ♪♫ Alex
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Wow...it's situations like this that make me feel I'll never understand C.
Why use an extension of shared object for not a file whose contents are not
that of a shared object?

That's for another day, I've got some new picolisp code to explore and
learn from.  Hopefully I can produce something useful and give back to the
community one day.  Cheers.


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