Hi Dean,

> Is this the best way of automatically generating a list of ("aaaa" "bbbb"
> etc.

No ;)

> (de mk_Ltest_data (Start_x Eles Ele_chars)
>    (setq L (range Start_x (- (+ Start_x Eles) 1)))
>    (setq L2 (mapcar 'char L))
>    (setq L3 NIL)
>    (for X (range 1 Ele_chars)
>       (setq L3 (append L3 L2)) )
>    (setq L4 (sort L3))
>    (setq L5 (by name group L4))
>    (setq L6 (mapcar 'pack L5)) )

-- The variables 'L', 'L2' etc are not bound locally. 'lint' complains:

   : (lint 'mk_Ltest_data)
   -> ((bnd L6 L4 L3 L2 L) (use X))

-- 'char' should not be quoted for the 'mapcar'.

-- (for X (range 1 Ele_chars) ..) would be  (do Ele_chars ..)
   In general I would not use 'range' just to get a loop.
   Better  (for X Start_x ...  but only if 'X' is really needed.

-- You are doing excessive 'setq's. Normal PicoLisp programs
   almost never use 'setq'.

I would write the above function as:

   (de mk_Ltest_data (Start_x Eles Ele_chars)
         (do Eles
               (pack (need Ele_chars (char Start_x))) )
            (inc 'Start_x) ) ) )

   (msg (mk_Ltest_data 97 26 4))

♪♫ Alex
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