Hi Dean,

> To get started I thought I'd try to list all the functions in xml.l using
> PL and tried...
> in "/home/me/xml.l" (while (line T) (prinl @)))
> as a starting point but I'm not sure how you get past the third line which
> is blank so....

Yes, 'line' returns NIL for blank lines, so the loop will stop.

> I reverted to what I know for now :)
> $ perl -ne'$w='de';print if /.*$w /i' /home/me/xml.l
> (de xml? (Flg)
> (de xml (Lst N)
> ...

You could try this:

   (in "@lib/xml.l"
      (until (eof)
         (let? L (line)
            (and (= "(" (car L)) (prinl L)) ) ) )


   (de xml? (Flg)
   (de xml (Lst N)
   (de _xml_ (Lst)
   (de _xml (In Char)
   (de xmlEsc (L)

♪♫ Alex
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