He Erik,

> Hmm, I'm drawing a blank on this one and was unable to find mention of it
> in the email exchange between Alex and I during the redesign. An oversight
> on my part? Definitely ignorance, not malice :)

True, neither our direct mails, nor the mailing list seem to mention it.
Perhaps it was in IRC?

> Technically, I think, the feature could be easily re-enabled
> It was just a button that called the functions, right?

Yes. It is still there in comments in "wiki/main.l" (in 'allowed') and in
"wiki/gui.l" (near the end of the (html> . +Doc) method).

> I'm away from my computer until this coming weekend, but can look
> into it then. Otherwise if Alex could throw it back in, I'm happy to adjust
> the CSS if needed once back in town.

No hurry. The problem is perhaps only to find a good-looking location in the

♪♫ Alex
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