Hello Jon,

> In the docs there are lots of occurrences (2325) of “</a></code>”, and also 
> some (751, mainly within doc/form/) of “</code></a>”. I haven’t checked which 
> one is the most correct. However, in doc/form/refC.html, line 82, there’s a 
> bad mix:
> <dt><a name="+Chg"><code>+Chg</a></code>

I'll change refC.html. Thanks for noticing!

> I suspect there may be more of this mixed kind, but I don’t have time to 
> check it right now.

There probably is, along with other oversights. I am a bit busy this
weekend, but I will start going through the form docs and make
corrections as soon as possible. Good to see the docs being used!

// Mattias
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