Hi Dean,

> Assuming that Wine packages are more numerous than Picolisps...you could do
> a native Windows version in Powerbasic for Wine. Not only would this up

Well, but then we can go as well with ErsatzLisp, the Java version of PicoLisp.

A full PicoLisp doesn't yet run on Windows, as PicoLisp needs a POSIX runtime
environment. Might be possible in the future with Joe's midipix port.

> I smiled when I saw your reasons for moving from C to asm because
> Powerbasic does ALIGN etc in it's stride without needing to drop down to
> it's industrial strength built in assembler.

Aligning is not so much a problem. But can you control the stack layout,
condition codes (carry flag etc.) and multiple function entry points in
Powerbasic? Or do natice calls to external C functions in a completely dynamic
way. All this is not even possible in C.

> I'd prefer to work in 64 bit asm but would be very happy to assist you in
> any way I can to see Picolisp do well as I'm sure others would be. Whatever
> you decide just let us know how we can help. I'm very new to Picolisp but
> can already see that it's much too good not to do well.

Thanks for the feedback! Let's see what happens. For Ubuntu 17.04 it is probably
too late by now.

♪♫ Alex
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