As for ubuntu, maybe you could make a Personal Package Archive (PPA). Its
lets you make your own packages that can be downloaded by users using
apt-get. Its as easy as downloading the normal packages, but the user must
manually add the repository.

Here's a useful link:

It would be more work than having the ubuntu team providing the package in
the official repositories, and I think you would have to make a new package
for every version of ubuntu you want to support. But its also the only way
to make sure that users get the most recent version of the software. As
Edgaras said, ubuntu is bad at keeping up with the newest releases.

I'm personally ok with compiling picolisp myself. But I know I wouldn't
have tried it if it had not been available as a package from ubuntu.

As Dean said, if there's anything we can do, let us know.

On Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 10:31 AM, Alexander Burger <>

> Hi Dean,
> > Assuming that Wine packages are more numerous than could
> do
> > a native Windows version in Powerbasic for Wine. Not only would this up
> Well, but then we can go as well with ErsatzLisp, the Java version of
> PicoLisp.
> A full PicoLisp doesn't yet run on Windows, as PicoLisp needs a POSIX
> runtime
> environment. Might be possible in the future with Joe's midipix port.
> > I smiled when I saw your reasons for moving from C to asm because
> > Powerbasic does ALIGN etc in it's stride without needing to drop down to
> > it's industrial strength built in assembler.
> Aligning is not so much a problem. But can you control the stack layout,
> condition codes (carry flag etc.) and multiple function entry points in
> Powerbasic? Or do natice calls to external C functions in a completely
> dynamic
> way. All this is not even possible in C.
> > I'd prefer to work in 64 bit asm but would be very happy to assist you in
> > any way I can to see Picolisp do well as I'm sure others would be.
> Whatever
> > you decide just let us know how we can help. I'm very new to Picolisp but
> > can already see that it's much too good not to do well.
> Thanks for the feedback! Let's see what happens. For Ubuntu 17.04 it is
> probably
> too late by now.
> ♪♫ Alex
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