hi Mike,

Many thanks, that is awesome!
You are awesome! Very cool!

I will use this in my package management tool (yeah I'm still working on that), 
that way I don't have to introduce any dependency to openSSL or a similar lib.
I'm now starting to use my package management tool in my (small) company, for 
managing our internal software.
If it turns out useful I want to improve it further and then open source it, 
though this will not happen any time soon.

Many thanks Mike!


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Subject: crypto hash on files

hi all,

@beneroth on IRC requested native implementation to hash files on SHA1.
I did SHAKE128 too.

Directory in repo:

Reference via tests: test-sha1sum.l and test-shake128sum.l
Code can return list too.
I general I trust all above.
Comments, patches and optimizations are always welcome.


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