As a few has asked for a monolithic reference (and tutorial) HTML file, I got 
tempted to try to write a PicoLisp program that does such a concatenation. The 
difficult part, of course, was adjusting all the internal links, and it was a 
bit more challenging than I first thought, especially after I understood that 
the files in doc/form/ also should be included.

The script and some more info can be found here:

An example of a complete concatenated file can be seen here:

- - -

I have noticed that frequent use of ‘setq’ has been questioned recently on this 
list. In my convConcat.l script there are quite a few setq’s that possibly 
could have been coded in a better way. Let me know if you spot some obvious 

/JonPԔ � &j)m����X�����zV�u�.n7�

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