Hi all, I was able to compile picolisp for mips32r2 to run on
librecmc-1.3.4, which I did for the purpose of having a lisp interpreter
on my TPE-R1100. I would like to share the build with the world. Did you
guys want to host the build somehow, or did you want me to host
elsewhere and then link to my repo? I was planning on doing a new build
for each release of librecmc, if it proves necessary.

This build was a little more complicated than a regular one, as it is a
buildroot-based embedded environment, and the embedded environment does
not have it's own compiler. So I had to (1) build a compilation toolkit
from the librecmc source code; (2) put the picolisp source code inside
the toolkit; (3) modify the Makefile to compile with the correct flags,
and to use the toolkit compiler; (4) deleted src/ and doc/ files to get
a build slim enough to fit on the limited embedded memory; (5) tarballed
it and installed onto the librecmc system just following the "global
installation" instructions. Seems to work great. (I used it to write
some code to turn the TPE-R1100 LEDs into a binary clock display.)

I have not yet created a proper buildroot package as that looked like it
was going to be more complicated.

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