I wrote a little proof-of-concept tool to embed an arbitrary REPL in
the browser using websocketd in the backend - nothing particularly
clever or high-profile about that, I know - but more relevant here is
that I used picolisp (pil) as first example, and in the first
screenshot :-)


The websocketd project links to it as an example project too, so
hopefully some of the Go fans browsing there will end up discovering
picolisp that way...


BTW: Maybe a heavily sandboxed, rate-limited picolisp with a strict
reset-timeout could be included this way in a "Try it online here!"
section on the picolisp.com homepage? If the site is hosted on
standard web-hosting rather than a VPS then the websocket process
would require hosting separately with cross-site protection and/or
firewalling of its port, though. Then again, due to extra load on the
server and potential security holes (extra maintenance burden) it may
not be worth it at all. Anyway, just an idea...

Rowan Thorpe
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