I need to globally replace certain words in a text file and because
I need to process it a byte at a time initially...I'm inputting
processed list of bytes into the global replace function "lchg"
(and others) like this.

(lbytes_to_fl Cleaned_txt_pth
   (lchg "fl ow" "flow"
                (fl_to_lbytes Txt_pth)))))

The other filters seem ok but this one is slow (most likely my
algorithm/general approach :)) and any help to
speed things up would be much appreciated.

(de lchg (Sfrom Sto Lbytes)
         (X 0
            B NIL
            Lfrom (mapcar char (chop Sfrom))
            Lto (mapcar char (chop Sto))
            First_from_ch (car Lfrom)
            Len_from-1 (- (length Lfrom) 1)
            Len_lbytes (length Lbytes) )
         (until (<= (length Lbytes) X)
            (inc 'X)
            (setq B (get Lbytes X))
            (if (= B First_from_ch)
                  (if (= (slice Lbytes X (+ X Len_from-1)) Lfrom)
                        (for MatchB Lto
                           (link MatchB) )
                        (inc 'X Len_from-1) )
                     (link B) ) )
               (link B) ) ) ) ) )

   (de slice (Lst I K) (head (inc (- K I)) (nth Lst I)) ) #99

Here's "lchg" in action...

: (setq L (chop "ab fl ow flow fl ow yz"))
-> ("a" "b" " " "f" "l" " " "o" "w" " " "f" "l" "o" "w" " " "f" "l" " " "o"
"w" " " "y" "z")
: (pack (mapcar char (lchg "fl ow" "flow" (mapcar char L))))
-> "ab flow flow flow yz"

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