Hi Petr

Many thanks for your participation and outside view.
Such comments are very valuable to us, as those topics are hard to see from the 

I believe those feelings are triggered by mainly two source factors:
A) presentation of picolisp information
B) the (rather unusual) state of the picolisp project

A) First and foremost, we as community need to streamline our presence more,
probably mainly by making things more clear on picolisp.com.

We should also more prominently point to the IRC channel, that is where we meet 

Online repositories like https://github.com/taij33n/picolisp and 
are not mere personal forks, but up to date clones of the official release at 
Both taij33n and mmamkin are core members of the picolisp community.

Petr, would it help if we would link and describe those repositories 
prominently on picolisp.com ?
Or do you think people don't go first to our website, but find it directly on 
github/bitbucket and are turned of when they see "0 contributors" there?
Maybe putting a prominent note into the readme at github/bitbucket could 
improve this a bit...

For years, PicoLisp used to be hosted in such a online community, actually at 
Google Code.
There are two main reasons why PicoLisp development is not anymore managed over 
such a service:

1) Google Code closed down. Yes, its unlikely that this will happen soon with 
Github, but such offerings from big commercial companies are always up to the 
moods and motivations of the company, which can change suddenly

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