Thanks to all who contributed to this thread!! I agree with most of what you

However, we are mixing up three different, independent issues:

1. My initial post was about political aspects: Ubuntu does not want to build
   the binary with position-dependent coding (include the -no-pie flag), and in
   general there is a tendency to Clang, which has certain limitations.

2. Using a code repository is fine. But I personally will not use any of the
   existing ones, because my working style deeply depends on file meta
   informations (most important the modification date), which are destroyed by
   those repositories. I explained the situation at various occasions. Checking
   files *into* a repo is all right, but as soon as I check them out they would
   be unusable for me.

3. Being present on StackOverflow would be a good thing.

As for (2), I see no problem with the current situation. Is it so much worse to
do a "wget"; instead of "git clone .."? The
change history is in "doc/ChangeLog", and is the same as was checked into
mercury when we were still using google code.

♪♫ Alex

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