Hi Jakob, Rowan,

thanks for the good hints!

> "alea iacta est". However - just in case you are not already aware -
> since version 2.2.2 git now only updates modification times on
> *changed* files during checkout (see
> https://github.com/git/git/commit/c5326bd62b7e168ba1339dacb7ee812d0fe98c7c),

I see. Good to know. I suppose, however, that if you clone a whole new repo you
won't get the original timestamps of the whole tree (as you would from a TGZ).

> checkout hook to force a full build after checkout. It was years ago,
> and I can't find them now that I search for them, but I remember it
> was not too difficult to implement (and I'll keep an eye out for them

Yes, did so too, around 2008 for SVN. But such tricks are a cludge.

I won't use such a repo based system here. Period. I live on incremental
snapshots which I take from my whole home directory tree several times a day,
with statistics and inspection tools, and other scripts. Each of thess snapshots
is fully complete, and has the environment from that moment (not only source
files explicitly checked in, but also temporary files, databases, backups and
whatever). Forcing my working style to the limitations of a repo would be a

But, *of course*, nobody will be stopped to do with PicoLisp whatever he likes.
Anybody can build a repo (as some people here already did), and communicate on
in whatever platform. I just don't see that *I* have to do it.

♪♫ Alex
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