Hi Andrés,

> I think it's a terrific idea and I'm volunteer to work on it

Great, thanks!

> I also think it's a great idea since I think picolisp has a strong
> strength in web developing but just because it's 2017 I feel the effort
> must be put in integrating picolisp with web (W3C) technologies (css, html
> 5, xml, websockets...)

I think we're doing fairly well here. css is very easy to integrate, see

For html 5, I usually just define the tags I need on a per project basis,
like the other tag functions in the 'lib/xhtml.l', e.g.

   (load "@lib/xhtml.l")

   (de <section> (Attr . Prg)
      (tag 'section Attr 2 Prg)
      (prinl) )

Henrik and Jose have done work with websockets. See:

But don't let that stop you from running with your own ideas!

and also javascript (json, frameworks, ...)

Now we're talking! I think PicoLisp would pair nicely with some of the
popular libraries and frameworks. Joe built
https://github.com/joebo/pil-mithril-scaffold. A similar project for React
or Vue with a PicoLisp DB would be cool! I
made an attempt with React last year, but did not progress beyond a couple
'Hello World' programs and a clone
of the React Comment Box Tutorial backed by a PicoLisp DB.

Anything that could help introduce PicoLisp and its built-in DB to a wider
web-dev audience would be time well
spent, in my mind. I'm happy to collaborate on that front!

It would be great also to deploy the web in apache or nginx (even lighttpd
> or cherokee) to documentate how to integrate picolisp in a corporative
> environmet. It would be useful too to use also picolisp as webserver
> (httpgate) and show how to scale it up.

I know others have used similar setups in the past (Henrik, was it?). Is
there an existing write-up regarding this?

- Erik

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