Hi Erik,

> Does Vip recognize different file types?

Not at the moment. It is totally focused on PicoLisp :)

> My end goal is for C/Javascript comments to be rendered properly when those
> files
> are being edited. I think this would only involve a substitute 'markup'
> function which
> swaps PL comment syntax for C comment syntax to be executed when Vip is
> called
> with a C/JS file?


> Maybe the alternate 'markupC' could be called through 'load>'? Something
> like,
>    (dm load> ()
>       (if (is-c-or-js-file? (: file))
> ...
> I haven't made a serious attempt to get it working yet, would the above be
> headed in
> the right direction?

You could define a 'load>' method for the '+Buffer' class, or just a function as
it is now (as there is only one class).

A function would dispatch in the above way

   (de markup (Lst)
      (if (is-c-or-js-file? (: file))

A method would make sense if you defined various buffer classes, '+PilBuffer',
'+CBuffer', '+JsBuffer' each with its own 'load>' method (so the above 'if' is
not needed). A new file could be loaded in the default '+Buffer', and the class
changed dynamically if a certain file type is detected. The class could actually
change repeatedly, depending on what vip believes to recognize while you type in
the buffer :)

♪♫ Alex
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