I tried to parallelize the following code:
'(let N 2
   (while (> 10000000 N )
      (check N)
      (inc 'N)))
where (check N) is defined as '(ifn (= N (apply '* (prime-factors N)))
(print N))

'later has the following form  '(later
place_where_to_save_the_return_result . program to execute)
However i am not interested in storing the result and (later 'NIL prog)
does not work for obvious reasons.
Furthermore (later (new) (print 8)) does not work either.
Using files as in (out "+file" (later (new) (print 8))) does not work

Is there a way to run '(check N) on multiple cores at the same time and get
the results 'print-ed in to the standard output of the instance where the
process was created or in a file which was opened by it (without reopening
the file before each in print in the child process)?

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