Hi Lindsay,

> (de Fibonacci (N)
>    (let (Fib '(1 1 0))
>       (do N
>          (rot Fib)
>          (set Fib (+ (cadr Fib) (caddr Fib))) )
>    (car Fib) ) )
> The results are something like a 'co routine or 'job... in that Fib as a
> memory between calls and it is not re-initialized with the 'let as I
> expected.

This is because 'rot' is a destructive operation. The list (1 1 0), i.e. these
three *cells*, are a constant in the body of the function (please 'F' -> 'f' ;)

You can see this if you do (pp 'fibonacci) after you executed it.

As in all such cases of destructive operations, the right way is to use a fresh
(newly built) list:

   (de fibonacci (N)
      (let Fib (list 1 1 0)  # builds a new list
         (do N

♪♫ Alex
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