Hi all,

it is now possible to build Android Apps completely in PicoLisp!

I have prepared an environment which lets you run normal PicoLisp (Web-)
applications on Android devices, without the need to write Java code. I'm using
it myself in a project for distributed databases currently.

It requires an Android Studio SDK to build, but the resulting APKs ("Android
Packages") run on any Arm64 device. The provided code itself is application
independent. A simple demo and a template skeleton for your own experiments is

I will not write a full-fledged Wiki article yet, and better wait for some

An Adroid SDK project is a monster. Here, on my installation, the "PilBox/"
folder contains more than ten thousand files!

I don't know which files exactly I have to export, and what is needed on your
side to import it into your SDK. I suspect you first need to import it somehow
in the IDE before you can use the command line build tools.

The tarball at


contains a README, trying to explain the details. If anyone dares to try it out,
please let me know if anything is missing! Together we may be able to describe
the procedures more clearly, extend the README, and perhaps provide some Wiki

♪♫ Alex
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