Hi Christopher,

> : (aa-search '(("threshold" (("long-description" "You stand in front of
> a wooden door, reputed to be the home of one Dr. Theobold. The door has
> a small keyhole.") NIL NIL 1)) NIL NIL 1) "threshold")
> -> ("threshold" ...

> However, if I run this command, I get a different result:
> : (aa-search (rooms) "threshold")
> ...

The problem is the '==' in

>       (if (== Key (car (aa-kv Tree)))

You pass a transient symbol "threshold", and '==' checks for exactly this
symbol. The scope of transient symbols is per file or REPL instance, so you ran
the first test probably in the same instance, while "threshold" in the second
was a new, different, symbol.

Either use '=' for comparison, or use only internal symbols as keys.

♪♫ Alex
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